Spring Concert 13th May

'Gulls' ladies singers from Port Isaac. Rosemary and John Heard on piano and violin. Mike Jones of Bodmin on organ and piano. Free entry Read more >>

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Keeping local traditions alive

Photo credit: Gunwen Methodist Chapel blog

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Photo credit: Gunwen Methodist Chapel blog

Harvest Festival

Photo credit: Gunwen Methodist Chapel blog

Welcome to Gunwen Chapel

Gunwen Methodist Church was built 1869. 

The Chapel provides a centre for the study of local history (including its historical connections with the early Bible Christians and William O’Bryan), archaeology at nearby Helman Tor and other places in the locality and the environmental work associated with groups like the Cornwall Wildlife Trust.

Gunwen Methodist Chapel sits on the boundaries of Luxulyan, Lanlivery and Lanivet parishes, and can be reached by following signs to Lowertown.